Monitoring and Observability


OpenText’s product suite, including OpenText OpsBridge, SiteScope, and Network Operations Management (NOM), constitutes essential components of OpenText’s comprehensive software solution that helps organizations manage and monitor complex IT infrastructures.

These products are designed to enhance business continuity, monitor and resolve performance issues, ensure network security, and optimize overall business processes.

OpenText OpsBridge

OpenText OpsBridge is an operational management solution that assists businesses in effectively managing complex IT environments. OpsBridge is designed to quickly identify and resolve issues in IT infrastructure by providing extensive monitoring, event management, and automation features.

The platform monitors the performance of various components such as network, servers, applications, and cloud services, analyzing data from these components. OpsBridge offers real-time visibility, enabling users to proactively identify and prevent potential issues. Additionally, its event management capabilities allow users to manage and track events from different sources through a single console.

OpsBridge’s automation capabilities increase the efficiency of IT teams by automating routine tasks. This reduces manual intervention, resulting in faster response times and lower operational costs. OpenText OpsBridge is a powerful tool for organizations with complex IT infrastructures, focusing on both proactive and reactive approaches to improve business continuity and system reliability.

OpsBridge Analytics & AIOps

OpsBridge Analytics & AIOps provides the ability to proactively manage operational processes by detecting potential issues in complex IT environments.

This solution uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to identify and address potential issues in IT infrastructure before they become critical.

Equipped with continuous improvement and learning capabilities, this platform allows businesses to make predictions about future issues using data from past events and optimize operational processes.

OpsBridge Analytics & AIOps enhances the efficiency of IT operations, making them more effective and helping increase the capability to provide uninterrupted services.

One of the key advantages of this solution is its combination of reactive and proactive approaches. It enables rapid intervention in current issues while also predicting and preventing potential future problems.

This positions organizations to deliver seamless and high-performance IT services. OpsBridge Analytics & AIOps is an indispensable tool for organizations with complex IT infrastructures, playing a significant role in optimizing operational processes and resolving issues proactively.

Automatic Event Correlation (AEC) is an integral part of the OpenText Operations Bridge AIOps platform.

AEC is an analytical capability placed on the OPTIC Data Lake, using a machine learning algorithm to automatically correlate events. It works by analyzing patterns in the event stream and applying machine learning to group events that are highly likely to stem from the same issue. This groups events to help you find the problem faster.

AEC enables automatic event correlation using the machine learning analytical capability on the OPTIC Data Lake. It works by examining patterns in the event stream and grouping events likely to be related to the same issue using machine learning. This allows for faster detection and resolution of problems. AEC’s feature makes the Micro Focus Operations Bridge AIOps platform more efficient and user-friendly, providing a significant advantage for organizations with complex IT infrastructures.


OpenText SiteScope is a tool used to monitor application and infrastructure performance. SiteScope can monitor servers, network devices, databases, web applications, and many other components. Real-time data collection and analysis capabilities allow for quick identification and resolution of issues.

SiteScope software is a tool designed to increase the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructures. This software continuously monitors the availability and performance of various IT infrastructure targets, including servers, operating systems, network and internet services, applications, and application components. SiteScope continuously monitors over 65 IT infrastructure targets through a lightweight and highly customizable web-based architecture. With SiteScope, you have real-time information to verify infrastructure operations, track issues, and resolve obstacles before they become critical. SiteScope provides agentless availability and performance monitoring and management.

SiteScope reduces the total cost of ownership.

It collects detailed performance data for infrastructure targets without requiring an agent.

It facilitates easy installation and monitoring of IT infrastructure, achieving full configuration of the software in less than 20 minutes in most environments.

It consolidates all maintenance on a single central server, reducing maintenance time and costs.

It reduces the time and cost of making management and configuration changes by providing a highly scalable user interface.

It allows quick and efficient operational management with powerful automatic actions initiated by monitor status change alerts.

It offers solution templates containing expert monitors, default metrics, proactive tests, and best practices for application or monitoring component.

It supports easy customization to provide basic monitoring of previously unmonitored or difficult-to-manage systems and devices.

Network Operations Management (NOM)

OpenText NOM is a solution designed to monitor and manage network performance. This product monitors the performance of devices and connections on the network, detects network issues, and has advanced features to enhance network security.

Products available with NOM include:

Micro Focus Network Node Manager i (NNMi)

Micro Focus Network Node Manager i (NNMi) is an network management solution designed to effectively manage and monitor devices in large-scale networks.

Key Features:

  1. Network Discovery:
  • Automatically discover devices on large-scale networks.
  • Build and update network topology.
  1. Fault Detection and Performance Monitoring:
  • Quickly identify network issues with fault detection features.
  • Assess the overall health of the network through performance monitoring.
  1. Configuration Management and Compliance Monitoring:
  • Manage device configurations and track changes.
  • Monitor compliance status through audits and reporting.
  1. Automatic Fault Remediation and Response:
  • Automatically detect faults and apply necessary responses.
  1. Network Changes and Updates:
  • Track network changes and apply updates automatically.
  • Track and manage configuration changes.Start Monitoring Your Network with NNMi

Micro Focus Network Automation (NA)

Micro Focus Network Automation (NA) is a solution designed to automate network operations and manage network changes.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic Fault Remediation and Response:
  • Automatically detect faults and apply necessary responses.
  • Automatic corrective strategies for specific faults.
  1. Network Changes and Updates:
  • Track network changes and apply updates automatically.
  • Track and manage configuration changes.
  1. Automatic Workflows and Tasks:
  • Create customizable workflows to automate specific network tasks.
  • Strategies for automating routine tasks.5 Best Network Automation Tools for 2023 (Paid & Free)

Together with the OpenText NOM product, the following features previously included with NNMi and NA are available:

  • OPTIC Reporting
  • Performance Troubleshooting (only available when integrated with NNMi)
  • Stakeholder dashboards
  • NNMi container
  • NA container

This integrated solution allows for more effective and organized management of network operations.