Monitoring and Observability

Dynatrace: Modern Application Monitoring, Observability, and Performance Optimization

What is Dynatrace?

Dynatrace is a comprehensive platform that modern enterprises can use to monitor and manage the health of their applications. It is designed to understand complex application infrastructures, rapidly detect issues, improve efficiency, and integrate with cloud-based solutions. Dynatrace ensures seamless operation of applications on any platform, any cloud infrastructure, and any device.

OneAgent Technology

One of the most important technologies introduced by Dynatrace into the monitoring world is OneAgent. Once deployed in your environment, OneAgent automates everything. It automatically discovers your processes, services, and their interrelationships. It operates on a plug-and-play basis, automatically identifying and instrumenting technologies across all your services.

Licensing Models

Dynatrace offers licensing models that align with the budgets and requirements of businesses, supporting both On-Prem and SaaS environments. For On-Prem, there are licensing models such as DEM (Digital Experience Management), HU (Host Unit), DDU (Davis Data Unit), and DevSecOps (Application Security). In the SaaS environment, the DPS (Data Platform Subscription) model provides flexibility in licensing, essential for meeting observability and monitoring needs in cloud-based applications.

DEM Licensing

In addition to application and infrastructure monitoring provided by OneAgent, Dynatrace offers features like Synthetic Monitoring, Real User Monitoring, and Session Replay under the umbrella of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM). These capabilities are consumed as Digital Experience Monitoring units.

Host-Based Licensing (HU)

The host-based licensing model requires payment based on the number of servers or mainframes a business is monitoring. It is a preferred model for large enterprises with complex infrastructures and is applicable to cloud-based infrastructures.

DPS Licensing

The DPS licensing model combines user-based and host-based licensing models, catering to complex environments where both cloud-based and traditional applications are used together.


Comprehensive Monitoring

Dynatrace provides complementary monitoring capabilities by consolidating various monitoring types, such as application monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and real user monitoring, into a single platform. This allows businesses to better address the monitoring and observability needs of cloud-based applications.

AI-Based Anomaly Detection (DAVIS)

Dynatrace’s artificial intelligence capabilities enable instant error detection and faster issue identification. Dynatrace refers to this feature as DAVIS. DAVIS analyzes metrics collected in real-time, identifies the root cause of issues, and provides precise information to teams. This is crucial for observability and quick issue resolution in both traditional monolithic and cloud-based applications.

Automatic Topology Map (SMARTSCAPE)

The automatic topology map provides a real-time view of applications and dependencies, aiding in better understanding cloud-based infrastructures. This contributes to improved traceability.

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

Dynatrace offers real user monitoring and analysis to enhance user experience. It helps in better understanding data from cloud-based applications and optimizing the user experience. Three monitoring options are available:

  • Real User Monitoring (RUM): Measures real-time customer experience, extracting insights into the experience while using your application. It scores your application from the perspective of users using the Apdex formula.
  • http Check Availability: Helps you check if your application’s web UI is working by making an HTTP call. This allows you to prepare availability reports.
  • Synthetic Monitoring: Allows you to create a user journey in your application, recording specific steps. You can run tests from specified locations and times to measure whether you encounter issues in the lower layers of your application or specific services.

Mobile Monitoring

If you have a mobile application for your customers and want to monitor its performance, you can measure your mobile application’s performance after integration. This provides meaningful data to make improvements to your mobile application.

Data Security and Compliance (AppSec)

Dynatrace adheres to high-level security and compliance standards. It is designed to ensure the security of sensitive data and meet compliance requirements for cloud-based applications.

Benefits of Dynatrace

Performance Optimization: Dynatrace enhances application performance, improving user experience and providing performance monitoring and observability for cloud-based applications. Fast and reliable applications increase customer satisfaction and strengthen the competitive advantage of businesses. It provides end-to-end visibility, allowing you to see the details of all layers in an IT environment.

Tailored Licensing: With comprehensive features and benefits, Dynatrace helps businesses gain a competitive advantage and contributes to improving the monitoring and observability of cloud-based applications.

Enhance Your Business with Dynatrace: Maximize your application performance and perfect user experience with Dynatrace. This platform helps businesses grow, gain a competitive advantage, increase customer satisfaction, and meet the monitoring and observability requirements of cloud-based applications.

All-in-One Experience: Dynatrace offers an all-in-one monitoring experience with numerous features. It enables you to monitor your environment end-to-end with a single technology, especially using the power of OneAgent, which automatically discovers your environment and provides a comprehensive view on a single screen. It meets all your needs without requiring multiple monitoring products, providing both cost savings and benefits.

Full-Stack Monitoring: It discovers and automatically monitors almost all technologies in your IT environment.