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Konsalt About Us

Konsalt Information Technologies, based in Istanbul, is a software consulting company focused on strengthening the connection between the business operations and information technologies of large enterprises in the banking, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail sectors. The company’s core focus areas include enterprise service management (ESM), observability, application performance monitoring (APM), IT automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations), Containers/Kubernetes, DevSecOps, and PAM (Privileged Access Management). The Konsalt team specializes in providing expertise and guidance to integrate solutions into customer business objectives, aiming to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in complex business environments.

Konsalt is recognized not only in Turkey but also in regional and global geographies such as the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Greece, and Germany, through successful projects.

Customer Collaboration and IT Transformation

Collaborating closely with our customers to transform existing IT environments into business values is one of our main missions. Our analysis and consulting processes focus on customer-specific needs, enabling us to provide customized solutions and support our clients in making their business processes more effective.


Our vision at Konsalt is to be the leading software consulting and “niche” system integrator in Turkey. This vision involves staying abreast of industry developments and consistently offering innovative solutions. We aim not only to serve the Turkish market but also to provide solutions to regional and global markets, contributing to our clients’ international competitiveness.


Among our company’s missions is to cultivate qualified consultants in the information technology market, providing education and coaching. Additionally, integrating enterprise-level software into customer environments and achieving the highest return on investment (ROI) through consulting services are key objectives. Focusing on our clients’ needs and supporting them in utilizing technology most effectively are our fundamental priorities.


Trust, respect, honesty, success, passion for work, sensitivity, flexibility, speed, and meaningful innovation are our core values. We also strengthen our values by focusing on the professional and personal development of our employees, fostering teamwork, promoting a positive culture, instilling loyalty, excitement, and adding fun to our work. Customer satisfaction and a commitment to continuous improvement principles are crucial elements forming the foundation of our corporate culture.


Our Founders