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OpenText Voltage

OpenText Voltage is a prominent solution provider in the fields of data security and encryption. The company offers a reliable platform for discovering, protecting, masking, and ensuring compliance for sensitive data for its customers.

OpenText Voltage boasts strong innovation with data-centric technologies that enhance privacy, such as format-preserving encryption, tokenization, hashing, and data masking.

By providing data privacy and protection solutions, it empowers organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity resilience through an end-to-end data-centric approach to enterprise data protection.

The Voltage Data Privacy and Protection platform offer flexible application and data-centric protection for nearly unlimited configurations of structured data types, with proven performance, reliability, and scalability in any language and region.

What is OpenText Voltage?

OpenText Voltage is a product that provides industry-leading encryption technologies and security solutions.

Data security is of great importance today, and OpenText Voltage stands out with effective solutions in this area. It distinguishes itself through performance, scalability, data classification, masking techniques, reporting, legacy platform support, and compliance support for requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and KVKK.

Technical Infrastructure

OpenText Voltage is a recognized security provider with advanced encryption algorithms and robust key management.

The company’s solutions offer a user-friendly platform to protect sensitive customer data. Data security plays a critical role in safeguarding businesses against cyber threats, and OpenText Voltage is designed to meet this need.


Key features offered by OpenText Voltage include:

Data Encryption

OpenText Voltage protects customer data with powerful encryption algorithms, ensuring that data is securely stored against unauthorized access.

Sensitive Data Protection

It provides a wide range of solutions for safeguarding sensitive customer data, including financial information, health records, customer data, and other confidential information.

Key Management

Advanced key management ensures secure access to encrypted data. OpenText Voltage meets security standards by effectively managing keys.

Secure Communication

Voltage is designed to ensure security in communication channels such as secure email and file sharing. This ensures that customers are safe when sharing sensitive information.


OpenText Voltage solutions ensure compliance with industry standards. This helps customers protect their data in accordance with sector regulations.

Cloud Integration

The company’s solutions offer integration possibilities with cloud-based services, providing customers with flexibility and scalability advantages.

Opentext Voltage Products

Voltage SecureData

Protects both stored and transmitted data using data encryption technology. This makes it secure for customers to store and share sensitive information.

Voltage SecureData is a data encryption solution offered by OpenText. This solution is designed to ensure the secure transmission, storage, and processing of sensitive data.

Voltage SecureData typically focuses on the protection of sensitive information such as customer details, credit card numbers, and health records.

Key Features

Data Encryption


Format Preserving Encryption (FPE)

Token and Encryption Policies

Integration Capabilities

Voltage File Analysis Suite (FAS)

FAS is focused on addressing the challenges of managing sensitive data. It helps organizations understand where sensitive data is located and assists in determining the best ways to protect it.

Key Features

Management and Compliance

Risk Assessment

Risk Mitigation

Data Protection

Voltage Structured Data Manager (SDM)

SDM manages structured data (databases) throughout its entire lifecycle. It provides data discovery, insight, data protection, governance and data privacy while reducing the cost of application infrastructure.

Voltage Fusion

It is a cloud Data Security Platform for discovering, classifying, protecting and managing data in order to reduce privacy risk.

It offers cloud-based and single-centered management for the discovery, protection, monitoring and management of both structured and unstructured data.

Usage Scenarios

OpenText Voltage addresses a wide range of scenarios that can be used across various industries. For example, an organization in the financial sector may choose OpenText Voltage to securely store customer data. At the same time, the healthcare industry can also use these solutions to protect sensitive health information.