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Delinea is a leading provider of globally recognized privileged access management (PAM) solutions that make security seamless for modern and hybrid organizations. Its solutions enable organizations to secure critical data, devices, code and cloud infrastructure to help reduce risk, ensure compliance and simplify security. Delinea customers range from small businesses to the world’s largest financial institutions, intelligence agencies and critical infrastructure companies.

It seamlessly keeps their security business moving forward. Delinea provides invisible security to the user while giving IT and security teams the extended privileged access controls they need without over-complexity. Unlike security solutions that are eventually shelved, Delinea adapts to the way people work and provides IT and security teams with an easy-to-manage platform.

Konsalt collaborates with Delinea to offer cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to its clients. This partnership assists organizations in meeting their most complex security needs, maximizing their security in the digital world.

Delinea is a combination of Thycotic and Centrify.

Key Features

Least Privilege

Delinea, with the principle of least privilege, ensures that users only operate with the authorizations they need. It is to ensure that the user or process has only the minimum authorizations necessary to perform its functions. This means that a user or process only has the minimum permissions necessary to perform certain tasks, preventing access to unnecessary authorizations.

Privilege Elevation

In accordance with modern cybersecurity rules, Delinea allows users to escalate authorization to the relevant unauthorized user with minimal privileges to perform certain functions. In this way, unnecessary security risks are reduced.

Zero Trust

With its Zero Trust approach, Delinea adopts a security model in which users and devices are continuously verified, traffic within the network is treated with suspicion, and only the minimum necessary authorizations are granted to each user and device. This approach aims to provide a more effective defense against any insider or outsider threats.

Zero Trust Security Model | Use Cases and Resources

Delinea Products

Privilege Manager

Delinea Privilege Manager provides the best-in-class solution for managing Windows and MacOS privileged accounts. Organizations are torn between the security benefits and productivity impact of removing local administrative rights. Privilege Manager provides functionality to quickly and easily remove administrative rights when upgrading specific applications without impacting user productivity.


Implement least privilege

Create detailed application control policies

Reduce IT support costs

Protecting your computers

Deployment at cloud speed and scale


Increase Security – Protect privileged access to tighten your attack surface

Unburden IT Teams – Easily control PAM with a simplified interface

Meet Compliance Guidelines – Avoid significant financial penalties

Scale your PAM – deploy flexibly within Delinea’s enterprise secure architecture

Secret Server

Secret Server is a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution developed by Delinea that aims to help organizations securely manage passwords and sensitive information. It is an enterprise-grade password management solution designed to help organizations securely store, manage and control access to privileged credentials. It can run both On-Premise and Cloud.

It aims to increase the security of sensitive data, reduce the risk of data breaches and streamline the password management process.

The key features of Delinea Secret Server are as follows:

  • (Secure Password Storage): Protects sensitive information against unauthorized access by securely storing privileged credentials in an encrypted format.
  • (Access Control): Enables administrators to determine permissions and control access to sensitive information through role-based access control.
  • (Privilege Escalation Management): Integrates with Windows systems to reduce the risk of data breaches by providing privilege escalation management.
  1. (Auditing and Reporting): Facilitates organizations in monitoring access to sensitive information and detecting unauthorized activities by providing detailed audit logs and reports.
  • (Automated Password Management): Supports automated password management to streamline the password management process and reduce the risk of manual errors.
  • (Multi-Factor Authentication): Supports multi-factor authentication to enhance the security of sensitive information.
  • (Integration with Other Tools): Secret Server facilitates the management of passwords and access controls for organizations by integrating with various other tools, including Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, and cloud-based applications.

Cloud Suite (PAM)

Cloud Suite, Delinea’s Cloud SaaS solution, is a PAM solution that minimizes security risks by providing privileged access by adopting the Zero Trust principle. It provides the opportunity to work securely on company resources without a VPN, regardless of the geographical location of organizations.

Server Suite (PAM)

Offered by Delinea, this PAM product provides the capability to centrally manage identity profiles and application access rights. It is a platform that includes Active Directory integration, role-based permissions, elevation of privileges on an application and command basis, and their monitoring and logging.

DevOps Secrets Vault

Delinea’s DevOps Secrets Vault is a high-speed vault that centralizes secret management, enforces access, and provides automated audit trails. This cloud-based solution is platform-independent and designed to replace hardcoded credentials in applications, microservices, DevOps tools, and robotic process automation. The Vault enables IT, DevOps, and Security teams to maintain the speed and agility needed to stay competitive without compromising on security. DevOps Secrets Vault is deployed as an API as a Service. Organizations can sign up within minutes without the need for infrastructure to be managed or maintained and can create their first secret in minutes.

What are the Benefits?

Privileged Access Control

These products ensure precise and controllable privileged access for users and systems. They prevent unauthorized access and allow only necessary individuals to access critical systems within the organization. Instead of excess and unnecessary privileges, it is important to provide only the required permissions.

Secure Password Management

Solutions like Secret Server enable organizations to securely manage sensitive passwords. They enhance password security with strong encryption algorithms and access permissions.

Monitoring and Auditing Capabilities

These products offer comprehensive capabilities for monitoring and auditing privileged accesses. User activities, sessions, and changes are recorded in detail, including video, allowing for the rapid detection and intervention of security events.

Automated Workflows

They accelerate workflows by automating privileged access requests and processes. This not only enhances security but also optimizes business efficiency.

Ensuring Compliance

These products assist in ensuring compliance with various regulations and standards. They prevent access that does not comply with relevant security standards and maintain audit trails through reporting capabilities.

Rapid Response and Recovery

In the event of security breaches, these solutions provide rapid response and recovery processes. They play a crucial role in determining how the breach occurred and are designed to quickly restore system security.

Konsalt enhances its clients’ business processes not only with security but also with ease of management and compliance through Delinea’s innovative PAM solutions. This enables Konsalt to provide excellence in cybersecurity to its clients.