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OpenText Service Management Automation X (SMAX)

Forrester defines Enterprise Service Management (ESM) as “expanding IT service management capabilities beyond technology services to address business-centric use cases; managing service demand and supply through a common platform, portal, and service catalog; and accelerating innovation and workflow automation through PaaS/low-code development tools.”

Simultaneously, there is an undeniable need for digital transformation, particularly in preserving and optimizing operations’ digital memory, increasing visibility, and enabling cost-effective management.

SMAX is a solution that provides analytical and machine learning capabilities for both IT and Enterprise Service Management along with IT Asset Management on a single platform. It incorporates ITIL-compliant practices such as request, incident, problem, change, and more.

Additionally, the solution offers a free application marketplace for tracking processes outside of IT practices, such as human resources, sales, marketing, security, facility management, and more. It provides an automatic workflow and orchestration platform for developing these practices without coding.

Key Features

SMAX encompasses various key features, including robust incident management, problem-solving mechanisms, change management, and service request management. These features enable organizations to smoothly manage their daily operations.

The web-based, code-free configuration structure allows faster development and lower update efforts, ensuring a financial return.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

OpenText SMAX integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, offering intelligent solutions like automatic response systems and recommendation engines. This enhances user experience and makes service management more efficient. Additionally, the platform continuously improves over time with its learning capabilities.

Hot Topic Analytics

Hot Topic Analytics with Machine Learning analyzes patterns and word clusters within structured and unstructured data, enhancing service processes.

Self-Service Portal

The platform provides self-service portals that allow users to resolve their issues independently. Users can quickly address problems through these portals, reducing the workload on support staff and making internal processes more efficient.

Flexible and Scalable Infrastructure

OpenText SMAX offers a flexible and scalable infrastructure designed to accommodate the size and complexity of different organizations. SMAX can meet the needs of various organizations operating in different industries.

The installation of packages created with Container Deployment Infrastructure is straightforward. Automatic updates and patching can be easily performed. Soon, within a few quarters, the platform will expand its capabilities to allow zero downtime, asynchronous updates.

An important capability in packages created with Container Deployment Infrastructure is automatic scaling. Package deployments can expand and contract, allowing patches, rollbacks, growth, shrinkage—all happen seamlessly. And these occur at a large scale. Expanding the footprint of the product, shrinking the footprint—all occurs very quickly and easily in seconds.

Deploy Anywhere: It can be used for on-premise, public cloud, or private cloud deployment. So eventually, you can use it in On-Prem, Off-Prem, AWS, or Azure. MSPs can offer this.

All of these occur naturally on top of a modern orchestration layer automatically created to manage container clusters at scale. Container Deployment Infrastructure provides a contemporary container management and orchestration framework using Docker container architecture and Kubernetes for orchestration. Both Command Line Interface (CLI) and API management are provided.

As packages created with Container Deployment Infrastructure mature, integration and installation times for customers will be just a few hours, upgrades in a few minutes, scaling in seconds, and Internal High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) will be seen.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

SMAX comes equipped with business intelligence and reporting tools, allowing organizations to monitor their performance, analyze data, and continuously improve. This helps organizations make more informed, data-driven decisions. The application offers over 100 out-of-the-box reports.

Mobile Application Support

SMAX provides users with access from anywhere through mobile application support. This is a significant advantage for field personnel or users on the move. Mobile application support makes business processes more portable and accessible.

No separate development is needed for the mobile application. Developments made on the SMAX side automatically reflect in the mobile application concerning authorization restrictions and other aspects.

Integration Capability

SMAX can seamlessly integrate with other business applications. This facilitates easy data sharing between different systems. Integration capability makes SMAX compatible with existing infrastructures, assisting organizations in managing transition processes seamlessly. Integration with SMAX can be done through various methods, either using an out-of-the-box process or calling endpoints in the target system directly from the custom process flow you have adapted to your organization.

Through the integration engine that comes with SMAX, you become the owner of the integration middleware on the application. By simply being able to write JSON, you design integration scenarios to provide different use cases.

SMAX offers out-of-the-box integration templates with many widely used applications in the market.

Licensing and Cost Structure

Another significant aspect of OpenText SMAX is its flexible licensing models and cost structure. Organizations can choose the licensing options that best suit their needs. These options, based on factors such as user count, module options, and service level, provide customers with significant flexibility in budget planning and resource management.

Moreover, as a cloud-based service, SMAX reduces infrastructure costs, providing long-term cost advantages to organizations. OpenText collaborates with an expert team to provide transparent cost structures and support during and after the licensing process. This helps customers meet their budget goals and effectively use OpenText SMAX.