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OpenText Automation: Operations Orchestration (OO), Data Center Automation X (DCAx), Server Automation (SA)

Automation is an indispensable element today for optimizing business processes and increasing efficiency. OpenText stands out with its solutions in this field.

A detailed review will be provided on OpenText’s prominent automation products, Operations Orchestration (OO), Data Center Automation X (DCAx), and Server Automation (SA).

Operations Orchestration (OO)

Introduction and Key Features

Operations Orchestration (OO) is a solution developed to organize and automate business processes. Its primary goal is to seamlessly manage business processes by facilitating communication between different systems. The key features of OO include:

  • Easy job development capability
  • Simple content structure
  • Advanced and centralized orchestration capability
  • Open, expandable platform
  • Enhanceable with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) robots
  • Flexible licensing options

Modular Structure

OO has a modular structure, providing a customizable solution tailored to the user’s needs. Automation workflows developed can be utilized under different automation streams, allowing you to reduce time and maintenance costs.

Integration Capabilities

The ability to provide integration across different platforms is a significant feature that distinguishes OO. Drag and drop ready-to-use processes from the content library, identify error points, and log potential errors. Create your integration content within minutes using the API content creator. You can achieve this in the coded or codeless workflow designer.

Automation Workflows

With its user-friendly interface, OO simplifies the management of complex automation workflows, making it easy to define and automate business processes.

Use Cases

Operations Orchestration offers a wide range of applications, allowing the automation of routine tasks performed by IT professionals. These include password resets, file deletion for disk cleanup, database service restarts, new server installations, web server certificate renewals, and infrastructure tool management.

IT Service Management

OO can be used to manage and optimize IT services. Users can trigger workflows on OO through predefined forms. Workflows with role-based access controls can be initiated on the service management application. This allows users to securely perform operations without accessing the OO management console. The elimination of manual processes leads to increased user satisfaction.

Business Process Automation

The capabilities to automate and monitor various business processes assist companies in enhancing their efficiency.

Security Management

Implementing security policies and responding swiftly to security breaches enhance the effectiveness of OO in the field of security management. Expired web server certificates can cause application disruptions and pose security vulnerability risks. Security alerts blocking web visitors can lead to a poor customer experience. Third-party certificate tools only offer web-based interfaces, making it challenging to obtain certificates and requiring manual data entry. With OO, automation can schedule and perform necessary processes without the need for human intervention, addressing various security concerns and ensuring seamless operations.

Data Center Automation X (DCAx)

Overview and Features

Data Center Automation X (DCAx) is a comprehensive solution designed to automate data center management. The key features of DCAx include:

Integrated Management

DCAx offers the capability to manage various data center elements from a single console.

Energy Efficiency

It has features that enhance energy efficiency to ensure the effective utilization of data center resources.

Backup and Recovery

DCAx provides automatic backup and recovery capabilities for data center continuity.

Advantages and Business Sectors

The advantages and business sectors that DCAx caters to include:

Cost Savings

Automation in data center management reduces costs, enhancing budget efficiency.

Speed and Flexibility

DCAx accelerates business processes and can adapt flexibly to changing needs.

Telecommunications, Finance, and Healthcare Sectors

DCAx is an ideal solution, especially for complex data center structures in the telecommunications, finance, and healthcare sectors.

Server Automation (SA)

3.1. Key Features and Functionality

Server Automation (SA) is an OpenText solution designed to automate the management of both physical and virtual servers. Its key features include:

Server Deployment

SA enables the rapid and reliable deployment of servers.

Configuration Management

It automates the configuration management of both physical and virtual servers.

Monitoring and Reporting

SA provides capabilities for monitoring server performance and detailed reporting.

Business Sectors and Benefits

Server Automation offers valuable solutions, particularly in the following business sectors:

Information Technology

For the effective management of IT infrastructure, SA provides a significant advantage in the information technology sector.


Fast server response and reliability are critical for e-commerce platforms, and SA meets these requirements.

Large Enterprise Structures

SA is suitable for managing the complex server infrastructure of large-scale enterprise structures.